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We are the specialist for explosion-protected industrial lift trucks and innovative transport systems.
Our product range consists of industrial lift trucks, pedestrian and platform trucks, tow trucks and special trucks according to customers' requests with the highest possible safety level.
MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH based in Braunschweig is a young, flexible and highly experienced company with decades of accumulated know-how.
For more then eighty years, we have been successful in developing explosion-protected industrial lift trucks and innovative transport systems for national and international markets.

More than 150 contacts worldwide guarantee customer oriented consultation, distribution and service.
Our product range is certified on the basis of the actual regulations (EU / IEC) of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Braunschweig. Also different foreign institutes have confirmed the PTB-certificates for their appropriate countries.
The entire explosion-protected lift truck recieves a certificate about the explosion protection, not just the individual components.

Innovative transport solutions based on the companies OMNIDRIVE CARRIER SYSTEM (O/C/S). The omni-directional driving
characteristics of our vehicles results of the use of MIAG MECANUM wheels in combination with the electric control drive system.
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