Fields of applications of explosion-protected MIAG industrial trucks

Definition of hazardous areas and explosion-proof equipment

Explosion-endangered areas are described as areas in which combustible materials such as Gasoline, alcohol, solvents, gases, vapours, mists or dusts are engaged in the production, processing, transport or storage, from which an explosive gas air mixture results.

A mixture is considered as potentially hazardous if their ignition e.g. by a spark, a hot surface or an electrostatic charge may cause damage by direct or indirect action of an explosion.

To avoid or limit these risks, various protective measures have been developed at national and international level. Because even in hazardous areas mobile devices, such as Forklifts, cannot be waived, protective measures must also be taken on these devices, so they pose no risk of ignition to start with.

Our national and foreign test certificates / reports provide information about the application areas of our explosion-protected equipment.

Areas of Application

In the following industries MIAG explosion-protected industrial trucks are used:

In Companies -

  • Where flammable gases produced, compressed, liquefied, stored and dissolved under pressure
  • In which flammable liquids are manufactured, stored, pumped and filled or used for processing, cleaning and degreasing
  • In which colours, or solvent-based materials for the production are used
  • In which the production and the processing of rubber and plastics, is carried out
  • Where processing, milling and storage of solid substances occurs under dusty conditions, e.g. the manufacture of combustible dust, pigments, pharmaceuticals and pesticides, as well as in pulverized coal plants, briquetting plant, special chemical plants, explosive factories and airfields.

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More information about "materials handling equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres" (e.g. VDMA Publications, PTB), see News

ATEX Device Class
Group I
In mining at exposure to coal mine gas/dust
Group II
All other Ex-Areas
Combustible materials as mixture with air Duration of presence of hazardous explosive atmosphere
Continuously, for long periods or frequently (>1.000 h/Year)* Occasionally (10 – 1.000 h/year)* Never or momentary (<10h/Year)*
Gas, vapors, mists Zone 0 Zone 1 Zone 2
Dusts Zone 20 Zone 21 Zone 22
* The periods indicated are approximate, not standardized and only serves as rough clues

More rules of thumb to understand "all the time, for long periods or frequently", "occasionally" and "short term":

  • Continuously, for long periods or frequently: time mainly based on the effective operating time (> 50%)
  • Short time: a few times a year for about 30 minutes
  • Occasional: what is not covered by the criteria about "long periods" or "frequently"
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