ATEX 95 (94/9/EC)

This Directive is valid only for manufacturers and has the objective of ensuring the free movement of goods within the EU. For this reason, the Directive establishes harmonized requirements and procedures to demonstrate compliance.

After June 30, 2003, only products can be marked within the EU market and / or put into service which comply with Directive 94/9/EC.

It should be noted that the Directive 94/9/EC defines essential health and safety requirements for the first time, for:

  • for electrical and non-electrical equipment intended for use in explosive gas atmospheres, and
  • for electrical and non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres, and
  • required for protective systems and devices that are intended for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres and for safe operation of equipment and protective systems in terms of explosion risks.

The appointed departments have adopted a variety of regulations for explosion-protected trucks.
In particular, the directives 94/9/EC (manufacturer) and 1999/92/EC (operator). These guidelines refer to the manufacturers and operators of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This results in fundamental requirements according to Directive 94/9/EC of the manufacturer from:

  • QA / ATEX 95 - Certification The manufacturer shall establish a certified quality assurance system according to DIN ISO 9001-2000. This system must be certified in accordance with ATEX 95 by a notified body in terms of production of explosion-protected components / devices (Directive 94/9/EC, Article 8/9/10).
  • Developments in accordance with EN 1755 (industrial trucks "use in potentially explosive atmospheres").
  • CE marking according to directive 94/9/EC, Article 10 and Annex X / A.
  • Product liability for the entire device (Normal and Ex).
  • Supply of spare parts for the entire truck (Normal and Ex).
  • Service for the entire truck (Normal and Ex).
  • Documentation for the entire truck (Normal and Ex) (deposit with a notified body, eg PTB, INERIS, CESI)

ATEX 137 (Directive 1999/92/EC)

This Directive is addressed only to the operator and the national implementations can be provided in higher requirements by individual EU countries.

Directive 1999/92/EC: Explosive atmosphere - Define the minimum requirements for improving the health and safety of workers who may be endangered by explosive atmospheres.

  • Application:
    The Directive 1999/92/EC shall protect workers who are employed in potentially explosive areas.
  • Implementation:
    In Germany, the implementation was conducted on the 03.10.2002 as part of the BetrSichV regarding work equipment respectively "systems requiring monitoring" (eg explosion-protected forklifts). National implementations can be adopted stricter than the minimum criteria given.
  • Transition period:
    Since 31 December 2005 the employer must according to § 6 BetrSichV create an explosion protection document.
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