Our Service

Our customer-oriented service takes care of all equipment in use. This ensures high availability of equipment and the highest level of efficiency of our products is guaranteed. Our service staff is trained regularly in accordance with the latest technical developments. Optimal service, which means short downtime due to quick response times to our customers.

Our service includes:

  • Maintenance
    We recommend a semi-annual maintenance performed by MIAG service engineer. This maintenance serves the care of the device and the early detection of possible repairs. This reduces repair costs and increases operational readiness of the unit.

  • Repair
    Malfunctions in our equipment, reported until 2:00 pm to MIAG, will be solved by our Customer Service. If the repair will be not possible in a short time, a suitable spare truck could be provided to ensure the operation of your side.

  • Spare-parts
    Orders for spare-parts which are in stock and which reach us before 2:00 pm, will be dispatched immediately.

  • Safety-Inspection
    On demand, you can assign us for your devices with the annual safety inspection (FEM4.004) according to EU directives 95/63/EC, 99/92/EC and 2001/45/EC. (This will take place by appointment at your location.)

  • Ex-Inspection
    directive 2001/95/EG sets minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers which can be endangered from explosive atmospheres. These minimum requirements shall implement any European country in national laws, which are tightened at any time. For example, Germany has implemented the directive in the Industrial Health and Safety Regulations (BetrSichV). The minimum requirements include regular checkups for plants (including forklifts) in potentially explosive atmospheres. The inspection intervals can be found in the national implementation of your country of Directive 2001/95/EG.

  • Fullservice
    On demand, you can get a full-service contract. The full service rate may vary depending on the contract period (36-72 months) and the expected operating hours per year.

    The standard Fullservice includes:

  • Installation and repair work
  • Maintenance service every six months
  • Annual safety inspections
  • Inspection of explosion protection
    - We recommand at least every three years

Excluded are:

  • Tyre and tyre repair
  • Oils, lubricants and other consumables
  • Battery, battery maintenance, battery charger
  • Electricity and infrastructure
  • Machinery insurance
  • Forced damages

  • Training
    MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH offers training and seminars for customer staff in order to inform you about the latest developments or to train you on a specific device.

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